Solutions for Publishers

RTK's Unified Publisher Platform.

Header-Bidding, Real-Time Bidding (RTB), and Outsource Ad Operations

Everything from a Single UI

RTK provides a unified platform for managing header bidding, real time bidding (RTB), and ad operations. From an integrated user interface, configure, install, and implement a complete header bidding solution across your sites while also leveraging real-time highly flexible analytics. Take advantage of all of the advantages of header bidding with none of the hassle or middle men.

Deploy Immediately

Our wrapper allows you to quickly deploy the fastest growing display technology and protect your business. Deploy in hours instead of months.

Analytics Baked In

Real Time Enterprise Analytics – unlike other header bidding wrappers, leverage RTK.io’s proprietary big-data analytics, providing insights for everything from traffic source to user.

Zero Dev Work

Zero Dev Work Required – by leveraging our tool, gain access to our proprietary management UI, with the ability to implement and optimize demand partners either on your own or with the aid of our ad operations team..

Real Time Bidding

Included in the price of our Ad Server you can now work directly with major DSPs, an industry first.

Streamline Reporting

Use RTK.io’s proprietary reporting aggregation tools to take the headache out of multiple billing screens.


Work with an independent provider who will never game bids or favor their own bid.

Tired of paying an ad tax? Let's grow your business together.