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Build your own Ad Tech Solution

RTK's innovative product suite allows Buyers, Publishers, and Networks to quickly build best-in-class offerings that address the nuances of the modern advertising technology marketplace. Without writing a single line of code, here are some of the solutions being built by our customers:

  • Fully self-service header bidding management leveraging 100% direct demand relationships
  • Private Exchanges / Marketplaces that participate directly in header bidding auctions
  • Selling custom Header Bidding based Rich Media units
  • Private / White-labeled header bidding suite with white-labeled customer UI


Enterprise Grade

Zero Coding, Killer UI

If you've ever tried to implement one of those 'open-source' header bidding solutions you know the difficulties involved in deploying and maintaining header bidding. The JITA tool suite includes a Zero Code Wrapper solution that can be deployed in minutes, not months and all changes are easily managed via our self-service UI.

Analytics Baked In

Plenty of companies claim to have "Header Bidding Analytics" but we promise you haven't seen anything like this before. By deploying our zero-code wrapper solution you gain instant access to an enterprise business intelligence suite that lets you understand your ad revenue from as many angles as you can think of. A core feature of this is what we call "loose definition parameters," wherein an RTK.io wrapper user can define their own key-value pairs and pass in as many of them as they need - for anything from campaign ID within facebook to visualizing LTV by user.

Built for Performance

Every demand partner that gets built into our wrapper is evaluated for speed and performance. We use a number of proprietary acceleration techniques to deliver bids faster while minimizing overall page request count, the number one creator of latency on publisher sites. We've worked with some of the biggest demand sources in the industry to improve their performance in our wrapper.

Dynamic Audience Collection

Want to build audiences based on real time session revenue? RTK's got you covered. From within our user interface define custom RPS metrics that trigger audience collection pixels allowing you to easily retarget your most valuable users in your future marketing efforts!

Custom Event System

Build on top of our wrapper with our robust event system, allowing you to hook into every step of the process on the page in addition to things like viewability detection. Bring a whole new element of engagement to your user experience by properly leveraging real-time page element metrics.

FOREX Protection

Is your DFP account in a foriegn currency? Instead of manually setting an exchange rate for each of your bidders JITA uses a real-time FOREX service to get up to the minute exchange rate information ensuring that your bids are competing in a single unified, accurate, and fair currency.

All the stats you need

Track performance by custom dimensions, by bidder, by device, geography, and any other parameters available in the HTTP requests. Drill down into your data using our real-time analytics system to understand what's driving performance right now, not 24 hours ago. Hyper flexible taxonomies allow unrestricted/free form key-value pair definitions and enable insights that go way beyond basic utm reporting.

Real-Time. Never Sampled

On average our analytics systems process, index, and compute your metrics with less than a 2 minute delay allowing you to see real-time results as you launch campaigns, detect traffic spikes, or diagnose delivery problems. Our system analyzes and indexes every single impression without using statistical random sampling so you can be sure that our data is as accurate as possible.

Battle Tested At Scale. Production Ready.

Our analytics infrastructure was built over a 2 year period and currently operates on billions of impressions per day. It's been battle tested on Alexa Top 100 sites in addition to handled spikes of hundreds of thousands of QPS. No matter how many impressions you need to analyze, Pillar can handle your volume.

Available via API

Already have your own business intelligence suite and want to build RTK's analytics straight into your systems? A simple RESTful API service makes it easy to make complicated queries and aggregations.


Data Intelligence and Analytics


Direct Pipes between Publisher and DSP

Connect Directly. Remove the Middleman

Whether you are a DSP looking to buy directly from your top publishers or a publisher trying to sell directly to your biggest buyers, RTK provides ready to go technology that allows DSPs to have publisher direct inventory without requiring any changes to the Publisher's existing infrastructure.

Real Time Analytics

Real time analytics on real time bidding transactions provide new levels of access to things like creative auditing, brand intelligence, and monetization. Lay the foundation for the future of ad tech by participating in a marketplace of symmetrical, perfect information.

Built for Performance

Every demand partner that gets built into our wrapper is evaluated for speed and performance. We use a number of proprietary acceleration techniques to deliver bids faster with the least amount of page requests possible. We've worked with some of the biggest demand sources in the industry to improve their performance in our wrapper.

Global Infrastructure

RTK.io maintains custom datacenters in 11 locations around the world, and leverages the latest distribution technologies to manage instances. This means that no matter where your infrastructure is located, we are nearby or can colocate.


The infrastructure itself is only half the battle -- RTK provides trained dedicated resources to aid in onboarding, troubleshooting, and maintenance so that publishers and DSPs don't have to worry about the day to day of managing an implementation. Build your proprietary value through relationships and understanding, not through grunt work.'

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