Solutions for Buyers

Buy From Publishers Directly.

Without Middleman Fees

Full Service and White Labeled.

RTK.io provides a unified platform for managing direct integrations with publishers via Real Time Bidding. From an integrated user interface, configure, install, and implement our white label ad tags or header bidding solution across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of publishers. Our platform is the first in the industry to provide buyers with the infrastructure and operations teams to work directly with publishers without having to pay the ad tech tax.

Real Time Bidding

Integrate your DSP easily and connect with publishers seamlessly.

Outsourced Operations

Offload Ad operations setup – Don’t worry about the added burden of onboarding top publishers, our teams can handle everything from setup to reporting. All you need to do is build the relationships!

Full Transparency

Increase Transparency, Decrease Cost, and Increase Performance by cutting out ad exchange middle men. Get access to more, higher value inventory for lower prices.

Build for the Future

Streamline direct publisher relationships and differentiate your buy side offering in addition to being able to police traffic quality and fraud.

Infrastructure Efficiency

The world of header bidding has created significant system strain for DSPs. Take a current cost center and turn it into a profit center by simultaneously reducing server strain and cutting out middle men.


By working directly with publishers, you gain access to a richer and more trustworthy data set than you would otherwise. Use these advantages to significantly increase campaign performance while paying fewer middle men.

Tired of paying an ad tax? Let's grow your business together.